Our Rights brings together words and pictures of the people of Château Rouge, Paris, one of the largest migrant communities in France, giving them a voice and a pedestal to stand on.

We photographed passers-by with a pop-up street-side studio. By using a white background, this removes the sitter from the context of France; this echoes something that, with time, could become a reality, due to the growing popularity of nationalist movements. Treating the photographs as objects, collages were made from different fragments of each person to form an abstract, distorted view.

The media is saturated with negative stories about migrants, and the people in the West have consumed enough of their suffering. We wanted to show these people for who they are: a mother or father, a son or daughter, a friend, and show that they are just like you and me, each with their own traits.

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Our Rights is a project by the Editorial Department of Fabrica, conceived by Michael Radford.

Michael Radford

Born 1988 in Poole, UK. Michael Radford is a British artist working in photography. His practice focuses on how the medium is used as a means to document, often questioning the politics of representation.

In 2014 he was a recipient of a year-long residency at Fabrica; a visual communications research centre in Treviso, Italy. He is now based in St Albans, UK.

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Sakho, Dembélé, Mohshen, Labidi, Sow, Fateh, Mosheh, Valere, Mashudrana, Kavagosi, Chrisle, Dick, Mathan, Jasime, Assim, Daniel, David, Alakij, Frucillonne, Souare, Diannah, Bigla, Fofana, Nadiag, Samaobu, Guelor, Bakany, Pierre, Rarim, Peter, Baharar, Danny, Jean, Diaby, Kwasi, Daddy, Mafuta, Conde, Prosper, Dwanie, Kanouti, Ngomateke, Balla, Assobopele, Douville, Roakary, Mayasi, Malonga, Diop, Diaby, Balde, Nabe, Osoh, Guirassy, Sakoh, Nguessan, Houngranti, Bidounga, José, Sano, Morsin, Jokima, Babaci, Da Cruz, Mobio.

We would like to thank everyone in the Château Rouge community for being so open and accepting.

Thanks to Enrico Bossan, Daria Scolamachia, Giuseppe De Angelis, Nicolo Giudice, Aaron Gillett, Patrick Waterhouse, Marco Zanin, Sarah Riazati, Sarah Souli, Jacopo Atzori, Pascal Hien, Dawid Górny, Hyrul Anuar, Mauro Bedoni, Karen Oetling, Marco Pavan, Katrina Herzog, Jeanne Sicre, Monica Faggin, Giulia Cecchetto, Mariotto Pierfederico, Maurizio Nardin.

Special thanks to Hannah Glick.

Photos by Michael Radford

Website by Sarah Riazati